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    Reasons to Visit Turkmenistan

    Turkmenistan is one of the world’s most mysterious countries, tucked inside Central Asia, this secretive country has the toughest visa requirements in the whole region, so it goes without saying not many people visit Turkmenistan. But visa issues aside, not many people know what Turkmenistan has to offer for the adventurous traveler, from ancient lost cities […]

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    Why You Should Go to Kyrgyzstan

    Have you been to Kyrgyzstan yet? Photographer and video maker Jeremy Ullmann captures the country’s untamed landscape and its welcoming people in his new video “Kyrgyzstan – The Land of Horses and Hills ”. Kyrgyzstan is one of the Central Asian countries with the easiest visa process, since citizens of Europe, Canada, Australia and the […]

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    Uzbek Airline Weighs Its Passengers

    Photo: David Stanley Many figure-conscious women will not be too pleased about Uzbekistan Airlines’ newest announcement: the national airline of the Central Asian country will start weighing passengers with their hand luggage pre-flight. So suck in your belly and be careful what you eat in the fast food traps of the airport! According to the […]

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    10 Tourist Free Adventure Destinations

    Trying to escape the tourist crowds and their selfie sticks? Looking for a real adventure? Here are our top 10 destinations to get off the beaten track and find the best tourist free adventure destinations! Kozara, Bosnia and Herzegovina Located between the rivers Una, Sava, Sana and Vrbas, this national park is an ideal destination […]

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    Traveling Dos and Don’ts in Central Asia

    Some of Central Asia’s most intriguing characteristics are its unique culture and traditions, many of which may be unknown to the western traveler. Here is a little guide on how to behave on your trip to win the favor of the locals and be a better informed traveler. Dos and Don’ts in Central Asia: Say […]