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    The Andes Adventure Travel

    The Andes are at once the longest and – outside of Asia – the highest mountain range in the world. Located in South America nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Amazon Rainforest, the Andes offers everything from desert scenes to gigantic snowcapped peaks. Add some volcanos into the mix and some tropical jungles, and you have […]

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    Atacama Desert in Full Bloom!

    Chile’s Atacama Desert is normally a dry landscape, but it’s currently transformed into a sea of flowers. Dormant seeds underground – in what’s one of the driest places on Earth – have come to life after massive rainfall in the region earlier this year. Rare rainfall near the Atacama Desert in Chile’s north, an area […]

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    Adventure Travel to One of Chile’s Most Active Volcanos

    Many would hesitate to visit a town at the foot of one of South America’s most active volcanos with frequent eruptions. And yet tourism is flourishing in Pucón in the Cautín Province. The small town next to a glacier lake and a volcano, is one of Chile’s centers for adventure travel and tourism. The most tempting attraction […]

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    Top 10 Most Extreme Places on Earth

    Our Earth is an amazing place, and one we often take for granted. While globalization has placed a McDonalds on each street corner and it feels like tarmac has eaten away all the bad roads we crave for our motoring adventures, nature is still an amazing place and you can still find places where adventure […]