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From Indiana Jones to Girls Who Travel – Interview with Travel Writer Nicole Trilivas

For real travelers, being on the road means liberation and self-realization. The more they travel the higher level of state of mind they reach in terms of self-reliance and humility. Reaching such a state is vital in terms of personal satisfaction and happiness. However, a real traveler cares about sharing their experiences and stories. Nicole Trilivas, the author of Girls Who Travel, is one of these travelers who spread the wisdom gained through wandering around the globe. We had a nice chat with Nicole Trilivas about her story, future plans and suggestions for girls who want to travel.

Who is Nicole Trilivas?

Hi! I’m Nicole and I’m the author of Girls Who Travel, which pretty much covers my two main passions of writing and traveling. I am originally from America, but these days I like to consider myself a citizen of the world (I’m currently in London).

What inspired you to become a traveler?

The Indiana Jones movies! As a kid, I was captivated by Indiana Jones’ adventures in far-off lands (and I still am).

How did you come to a point where you wanted to write a travel book called Girls Who Travel?

I was a writer for a long time, and I was a traveller for a long time—but I never combined the two. Then one day, after writing a few unsuccessful books, it hit me that I should be writing about something I am super passionate about: Travel! It was my a-ha moment. But all the travel books I ever read were non-fiction; either memoirs or essays, so I decided to write travel-themed fiction: A high-gloss, escapist, and aspirational take on my fav topic of choice.

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What is your most adventurous travel story?

I once hung out with royalty in the Middle East. It was pretty crazy! Still, not as cool as Indiana Jones’ escapades though…

Can you tell us about the best and worst places that you have ever been to?

I have the same answer for both! Recently, I went to Venice in the dead of winter and it was divine! It was empty and atmospheric. But when I was last there in the summer, it definitely wasn’t my favourite.

What are the advantages of being a solo traveler?

You can do whatever you want! I love being able to skip any supposed “must-see,” if I’m not interested in it.

What was the biggest struggle that you encountered during your travels? How did you overcome it?

On one of my first solo trips, I got pretty lonely. I overcame this by simply waiting it out. Loneliness and homesickness is a reality for solo travellers, but it’s also transitory. If you’re patient, it will pass—all I had to do was wait.

How did your adventures help you to build up your personality?

Traveling gave me so much: Firstly confidence. Traveling makes you feel capable. Even a simple exchange like buying a train ticket in a foreign language leaves you with a sense of accomplishment! Travel also taught me that I have so much more to learn. This humbleness keeps me focused on the road—I have so much more to see, to experience, to learn.

What is your next itinerary?

I’m off to Cape Town soon. I’ll be checking out the wine region, which I’m pretty excited about!

What do you recommend girls who want to travel like you? How should they start their odyssey?

I like starting with a guidebook, even if it’s a bit old school. From there, I use the internet, but it’s a nice starting point.

How much autobiography is hidden in your book?

Most of the places featured in Girls Who Travel are places I’ve lived or visited. Sadly, the romance is sheer fiction. A girl can dream, though!

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