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    Wild Camping Tips and Tricks

    The problem with traditional camp grounds is that they can be packed with other campers. If you’re keen to get away from it all – and you have the know-how – free camping can be a great alternative because it’s just you and the great outdoors. If you fancy doing a bit of DIY camping, […]

  • Adventure Travel in North America
    North America’s Best Camping Spots

    Campers are lucky in North America as there is an abundance of camp grounds for both free camping and in professionally run campgrounds in both the United States and Canada. The best bit is you have such a variety of scenery to choose from. Of course there are plenty of national parks where camping is […]

  • Backpacking Tips
    Unusual Gap Year Ideas

    Gap years are more popular than ever, with thousands of people taking 12 months off between school and uni, as a break from university or after finishing studies but before heading off to full-time work. It can be great if you need a break from studies, or if you’re a bit stuck and need some […]

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    How to Hitchhike: A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Hitchhiking

    Looking for a guide to hitchhiking 101? We’ve got you covered with what hitchhiking actually is, how to hitchhike, and all importantly whether hitchhiking is safe. If you just don’t have enough money to get from point A to point B, or there’s no public transport to your destination and you need to get there […]

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    How to Plan the Ultimate Backpacking Experience

    Backpacking can seem overwhelming before your first trip, but it need not be. Follow these tips to plan the ultimate backpacking experience. Photo By: NoirKitsune Choose a Rough Area Before you set off backpacking you’ll have to decide where you want to go. It’s best to pick a region as opposed to taking off on […]

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    Why You Must Backpack in Your 20s

    You can go backpacking any time you choose – even in your 70s! But a great period to go is in your 20s where you’re often more adaptable, trying to figure out what you want to do in life, and before major responsibilities kick in. In your 20s, you’ve got your whole life ahead of […]

  • Backpacking Tips
    8 Surprising Things You’ll Learn While Backpacking

    For first-time backpackers there are plenty of surprising things you’ll learn while backpacking. Because packing a bag and heading off on an adventure of a lifetime is not so much about seeing the sites but about learning about the world and yourself! Photo By: Moyan Brenn The World is Huge Ok, it’s pretty obvious to […]