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    Pre-Lenten Festivals: Rio Carnival

    Before the fasting period of Lent (that leads up to the Christian celebration of Easter), many Christian countries and cultures somehow celebrate Carnival. The Carnival period is usually in February and March – sometimes starting as early as January 6 –  when there are special parties and parades, but usually there is one specific Carnival week that […]

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    The Amazing Amazon Rainforest

    The Amazon Rainforest is that famed jungle covering a huge part of South America, that alone makes up more than half (!!) of the world’s rainforests. It’s also the most bio-diverse tropical rainforest in the world, plus it is home to vast swathes of untouched and unexplored land. The mysteries of the Amazon Jungle offers ample adventure […]

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    1st World Indigenous Games Ends at the Weekend

    The 1st World Indigenous Games have ended at the weekend. Held in Brazil over a 10-day period the event was a combination of sporting and cultural programs. Dozens of delegations of Indigenous peoples from around the world including from Australia, Russia, Ethiopia, New Zealand, the Philippines and Brazil took part. In total, 24 Indigenous ethnicities were […]

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    The 10 Most Dangerous Places To Visit In The World

    We live in an amazing world, full of natural and historical wonders. Unfortunately many of the regions with the most fascinating landscapes and the most interesting history are troubled by conflicts, wars and natural forces. Check out our list of the 10 most dangerous places to visit in the world, that you should see at least […]

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    Brazilian Visa Requirements for US Citizens Might Be Lifted

    Chances are good, that Americans might have significantly less hassle getting a visa for Brazil during the Olympic Summer Games in 2016. Currently US citizens have to apply in advance for a Brazilian visa in the embassy closest to their place of residence, providing a proof of income and different other documents besides a visa […]