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  • Adventure Travel in Central Europe
    Pre-Lenten Festival: Busójárás

    Before the fasting period of Lent (that leads up to the Christian celebration of Easter), many Christian countries and cultures find a way to celebrate Carnival. The Carnival period is usually in February and March – sometimes starting as early as January 6 – when there are special parties and parades, but usually there is one specific […]

  • Adventure Travel in Eastern Europe
    Adventure Travel in Transylvania

    For many people Transylvania is intrinsically linked with the stories of the vampire-toothed Count Dracula, living deep in the remote Carpathian Mountains. While it’s indeed possible to visit Dracula’s Castle (more on that later), there’s much, much more to this mysterious part of Northwest Romania than most people think. Rural villages, incredible mountain scenery, canyons […]

  • Adventure Travel Destinations
    Why You Should Visit Armenia

    Tucked away between Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkey, Armenia is a country that falls of the radar for most, and sometimes gets picked up in the mainstream media thanks to Kim Kardashian and her Klan. However, don’t let the Kardashian Konnection put you off this amazing and underrated country. While Yerevan is a cosmopolitan hotspot […]