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How to Prepare for Mountain Climbing: A Climbing Guide for Beginners

Mountain climbing is one of the most challenging extreme sports in the world. Moreover, it can get quite tricky unless you take the necessary precautions. Here are the tips regarding how to prepare for mountain climbing. 

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First of all you should conduct a detailed research in order to familiarize yourself with the terrain that you will be spending time on. You can also read about the well-known climbers who hiked the same mountain as the one that you are planning to hike. In this way, you can get some invaluable tips about the climbing the specific mountain.

We can suggest a good starter book for you, written by Steve M. Cox and Kris Fulaas, Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills.

At that point you should also learn about mountains which have micro-climates and weather systems. It is always an advantage to know about the specific features of different climates.

Building Up Your Mental & Physical Strength

Will power is the most important thing to have next to physical strength. You have to learn about the quick problem solving tips so that you can actually take up a challenge easier than ever. Yes, you need to empty your mind and build on your physical strength before you can actually force your body. But you already know since you learned a lot from Mr. Miyagi, right?

Once you are physically ready, it is time to hit the gym 4 times a week. The most useful exercises are running, push ups, weight training and anything can improve your strength really. Be strong, stay strong!

Get Your Gear

First of all, you should know that gear is not the only thing that will get you up there. However, your gear is the most essential thing to get you up there. Think about it for a second: you need a car to be able to drive. What if you don’t have a license? Then your car is only a place that you can sleep in. So, improve your mental and physical strength before you buy your most suitable mountaineering gear.

Memorize Mountaineering Ethics

The most important thing here is the knowledge of the sacred rule; no mountain climbing should ever be attempted alone. Second and most important rule of mountain climbing is that do not climb alone. In short, have someone next to you. However, you should be aware of the fact that you may need to be self-reliant.

You should be ready to rescue other mountaineers if you are close enough to give a hand to a climber who is in need. So make sure to read about climbing safety tips.

Another important ethical issue is risk management. You’d better learn about risk management. No need to be a daredevil. Most essential virtue is being able to stay calm and manage the situation in the best way that you can.

Receive a Proper Training

Anything can happen on the rocks so basic first aid skills and avalanche safety training are the necessary parts in preparation for mountain climbing.

Keep Improving Your Skills & Do Altitude Training

Obviously, the higher you get the higher your body has to work, and it takes days to be accustomed to the extreme conditions. Mountain climbing is similar to playing music in terms of self-discipline and submissiveness. The limits of your physical strength should be respected under any circumstances.

Find a Good Guide, Plan The First Trip

Planning is the cornerstone of climbing smart, if we are talking about how to prepare for mountain climbing we never let ourselves to be extra-quick and irresponsible. Every moment counts on the top of the mountain.

Set Up a Base Camp & Start Climbing Smartly

The base camp serves as the departure point and you can sometimes spend considerable amount of time there just waiting for weather improvements, depending on the difficulty of the mountain and the climb. Mountains are not playgrounds so you should respect them so that they will host you well.

Do Not Leave Your Sense Of Humor At Home 

You need to be aware of the hardships of an activity like climbing. It is both, mentally and physically demanding, so laughing  – such as in many other times – could be a big help. There is nothing funnier than laughing out loud yourselves sometimes.

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