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    High-Rise Adventures Around the World

    These cool ideas for high-rise adventures will have you seeking out thrills in urban landscapes, in some of the world’s biggest metropolises. Photo By: Lucy Nicholson/Reuters Sky-Rise Slide In Los Angeles, the US Bank Tower has this year added a fun-factor to what is otherwise an ordinary glass high-rise building. They have added a glass […]

  • Extreme Travel Adventures
    The Most Enchanting Train Journeys in Europe

    Train journeys can be exciting and romantic, and while sometimes they are just a functional way to get around as you travel, some train trips are in a league of their own. If you’re in Europe this year, check out some of the most enchanting train journeys in the world. Here are some thrilling Europe […]

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    3 Local Bus Trips With Epic Scenery

    Bus trips don’t always have to be the dreary daily-grind we all try to escape from during holidays. The following local bus trips with epic scenery will jolt you out of your every-day, and they will be an enriching part of your adventure travels – not just a functional way to get from point A […]

  • Extreme Travel Adventures
    The World’s Scariest Tourist Attractions

    Is a holiday for you incomplete without a deaf-defying, hair-raising adventure? If so, these are some of our favourites among the world’s scariest tourist attractions from Asia to Africa and even Europe! Photo By: Joepyrek Devil’s Pool, Zambia Would you bathe at the edge of one of the biggest waterfalls in the world? The Devil’s […]

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    What Are Edge of Space Flights from Russia

    Space is the final frontier, and for many of us we could never imagine ever getting a chance to get so close to infinity. We’ve written before about Virgin Galactic’s proposed space flights for normal people and the long-goal of a mission to Mars. But you’ll be happy to know there are options for space flights […]

  • Aerial Adventures
    Where to Learn How to Fly a Plane

    There’s nothing quite like the thrill of flying, but if you’re wanting to take your in-air action to the next level it might be time for you to learn to fly a plane yourself! Here is everything you need to know about recreational flying for those who want to take up the very cool hobby […]

  • Extreme Sports
    Best Cities for Longboarding

    Longboarding is pretty similar to skateboarding, although the boards are much longer at about 24 to 80 inches. The sprot of longboarding was borne out of surfers wanting to do something similar on dry land when the surf conditions weren’t great. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best cities for longboarding – although of […]

  • Extreme Sports
    BMX Bandits: All About BMX Riding

    BMX is a shortened form of the term ‘bicycle motocross’ – and really this adventure sport is a kind of cross between cycling and motocross motorbike riding. In this short explainer we’ll explain all about BMX riding – how the BMX bikes are different, where you can ride a BMX bike and what makes a […]