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    Trump Plans to Cut 2 Million Acres of National Park Land in Utah

    Donald Trump has announced plans to cut 2 million acres of protected national monument land in Utah. The unprecedented move has angered environmentalists, outdoor sports groups and Native Americans, with several Native tribes and environmental groups planning to take litigious action against Trump. Many critics of the action view it as a step toward allowing fossil […]

  • Adventure Travel in the Balkans
    A Rough Adventure Guide to Montenegro

    If you’re looking for an underrated adventure getaway in the Balkan region of Europe that is attractive all year round, then Mediterranean Montenegro is an excellent choice. That’s why we have put together a quick adventure guide to Montenegro, one of the most sorely underrated adventure travel destinations in the Balkans. Boasting both picturesque beach coasts and […]

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    Yellowstone Hits All Year Visitor Record Already in September

    Already after September Yellowstone National Park has hit a new all year visitor record with 3.8 million visitors. Last September more people were flocking into Yellowstone than during any other September on record. With visitor numbers not seeming to decline and three more months to go, chances are good, that Yellowstone will even hit the […]