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    New Formation Skydiving Record Set by 202 Skydivers

    For most of us, it was just an ordinary Tuesday, but in Southern California a group of 202 people from 24 countries set out to achieve an insane record: they formed the largest sequential skydiving formation, that has ever been done. Most of them skydiving experts in all age groups from 25 to 70 years, […]

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    California’s Giant Sequoias Endangered by Drought

    We might be about to lose some of the oldest living creatures on earth. The ongoing drought in California, which has entered its fifth year, is threatening the ancient species Sequoiadendron giganteum, better known as giant sequoia in the redwoods. Covering the earth already for 200 million years, giant sequoias are by now only found […]

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    Airport Evacuated Because of A Fake Grenade

    Photo: Twitter   The consequences of inconsiderate packing became evident in the USA last Wednesday, where a fake hand grenade led to the evacuation of Ontario Airport in California. The evacuation lasted about 30 min and caused 10 flights to be delayed. The fake grenade was found while the carry-on luggage of a passenger was screened […]

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    Top Hikes: The Best Canyons in the US

    The United States is home to a variety of landscapes, from deserts to lush green coastlines and snowy mountains. The US is also home to some spectacular canyons with amazing hikes, so let’s have a look at the top hikes in and around the best canyons in the US! Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona It […]