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Rickshaw Race in Goa Reveals the Winner of Malabar Rampage 2016

Rickshaw race in Goa, the last stage of the Rickshaw Challenge Malabar Rampage 2016 revealed the winner of the popular auto-rickshaw race in India. The Team Champagne finished the race ahead of their competitors and won the Malabar Rampage 2016 trophy.

Image credit: Janardan Prasad

The Rickshaw Challenge Malabar Rampage 2016 came to an end on Friday. The smallest state of India, Goa welcomed the gallant auto-rickshaw racers for the last stage of the race. Adventure travel in South India gave amazing memories to the participants as they rode their auto-rickshaws from Murudeshwar to Goa’s capital city Panaji.

Rickshaw race in Goa

Rickshaw Challenge Malabar Rampage 2016 (Photo by Josh Day )

The participants had the chance to enjoy the Indian streets throughout the 250 km-long last stage of Malabar Rampage 2016. Unlike the previous days, the last day was pretty easy for the teams due to well-cared and relatively empty roads. Most of the teams arrived in Panaji pretty early. Therefore, the participants had plenty of time to enjoy the pool of the hotel which had a spectacular view of the city and its rivers.

Rickshaw Race in Goa Ended with a Crazy Farewell Party

The swimming pool of the hotel was a good place to initiate the farewell party for the participants as they started the pre-party right there with the shots of local liqueur called Feni. This famous spirit of Goa was quite helpful to release the stress of a week-long hardcore rickshaw driving in the chaotic traffic of the south India. According to an ancient belief!, if you happen to find yourself in a rickshaw race in Goa, you will end up with a shot of Feni in a pool.

Rickshaw race in Goa

Participants enjoy the traditional Goan spirit Feni (Photo by Mark Kiklovich)

After the racers’ arrival to the hotel, the only challenge was heading to the Down the Road Bar for the award ceremony. However, the participants lost the track of time while they were enjoying the beautiful beaches of Goa. Once all the participants gathered in the bar, they received their well-deserved medals for successful participation and survival during the Rickshaw Challenge Malabar Rampage 2016.

The Charity Award Goes to the Team Goan Places

The Team Goan Places from the USA and Australia, grabbed the Charity Award thanks to their outstanding efforts to raise funds for the Round Table India. They collected $12,000 so far and they aim to reach $20,000. Their approach to charitable activities constitutes a good example for the Rickshaw Challenge’s zeal to help locals during the races rather than passing by them ignoring their existence.

The Bonkers Award Goes to the Team Butt, Sweat and Ears

The Team Butt, Sweat and Ears definitely deserved the Bonkers Award which is given to the most eccentric and craziest team. The Team Butt, Sweat and Earns with the participants from Malaysia, Australia, and France proved their creativity and craziness to the limit and deserved this trophy. Their efforts to get in a small rickshaw in huge inflatable sumo wrestler costumes could bring any award to them no doubt.

Malabar Rampage 2016

The team Butt, Sweat and Ears

The Winner of the Malabar Rampage 2016 is the Team Champagne

The Team Champagne managed to cling to the biggest trophy as a result of their excellent performance throughout the Rickshaw Challenge Malabar Rampage 2016. They got their names written in the history Malabar Rampage with golden letters. Their acceptance speech was definitely not less than Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar speech. Afterwards, they started the champagne showers as proper winners.

Seven days, more than 1000 kilometers, 21 teams, 38 participants, many Hindu temples, holy cows, Indian traffic, Kerala backwaters, pool parties and amazing memories… Words are incapable of describing amazing Malabar Rampage 2016 experience for the participants who managed to handle fragile auto-rickshaws and Indian traffic while developing team spirit in just a week.

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