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  • Watersport Adventures
    6 of Europe’s Most Glamorous Islands

    Adventure travel is not just about the rough and rugged, but about being exposed to a whole new world. For some of us, the ritz and glitz of some of Europe’s most glamorous islands offer the chance to step into a new world, see somewhere delightful, and enjoy a few hedonistic nights soaking up the […]

  • Adventure Travel in Southeast Asia
    6 Brilliant Activities in Borneo

    Borneo is an island in Southeast Asia that many think of as a remote, wild and unexplored place for the super adventurous. And while this is, in many ways, correct Borneo is surprisingly easy for fun-loving tourists and intrepid travellers to explore. Whether you’re adding this island to the well-worn backpacker-route of Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam etc or you’re […]