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    Slovenia Is Beautiful – And Here Is The Proof

    Cover photo by Vicente Villamón. Slovenia is a small country tucked in between Austria, Italy and Croatian. For many just a passageway to the beaches of Croatia or the ski resorts of Austria, it is still an alpine insider tip for those who love hiking and mountain biking adventures. So if you are looking for an […]

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    7 Reasons to Visit Iran

    When even the most seasoned traveler says he or she is going to Iran, they are often met with terrified stares and pleas for them to reconsider. Despite it’s reputation, Iran is actually a place full of promise, and with the recent Iran visa waivers making it easier for most Westerners to visit, it’s set […]

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    Iraq’s Endangered World Heritage Sites

    Iraq’s Cultural Heritage     Iraq is incredibly rich in cultural heritage, no wonder, since it is one of the cradles of civilization, being part of Mesopotamia’s Fertile Crescent along Tigris and Euphrates. Millennia of human history are documented here, partially still covered by sand, but partially already excavated and studied by early archaeologists. While […]