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    8 Surprising Things You’ll Learn While Backpacking

    For first-time backpackers there are plenty of surprising things you’ll learn while backpacking. Because packing a bag and heading off on an adventure of a lifetime is not so much about seeing the sites but about learning about the world and yourself! Photo By: Moyan Brenn The World is Huge Ok, it’s pretty obvious to […]

  • Backpacking Tips
    29 Signs You’re a Backpacker

    There’s no doubt that backpacking is largely about opening up to new experiences and people, and gaining a high threshold for challenging situations. Of course, not all backpackers are the same, but just to have a bit of fun here are the 29 signs you’re a backpacker from cliches and stereotypes – to the classic backpacker’s rites […]

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    Save Money: Backpacking on a Shoestring Budget

    Backpackers are typically pretty young, sometimes taking a gap year from studies, or heading off for a first big solo trip straight after uni. Generally backpackers go away for quite a while, so they’re not blowing their savings on two decadent weeks in Vegas – they’re trying to make every dollar count on what could […]