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The Rickshaw Challenge Takes to the Clouds with Etihad

If you’ve always wanted to get an insider’s view on participating in one of Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Adventures, this is your chance! The legendary Mumbai Xpress Tuk-Tuk-Rally, one of the Rickshaw Challenges the Travel Scientists offer throughout the year, has finished just a few weeks ago and participant Jamie Lafferty, a Scottish Writer and Photographer, tells tales about his experiences in the cover story of Etihad Airways’ In-flight Magazine.

Photo by Jamie Lafferty.


In “Driven to Distraction – The Mighty Rickshaw Challenge”, Jamie talks about how the rally’s participants formed close bonds during the two weeks of the crazy race, sharing their stories with each other after a long day rattling about India’s pothole laden streets. He not only shows the extreme challenges the teams had to face amidst the chaos of India, but he also depicts the connections with the locals, who are always willing to give a helping hand, the constantly changing landscape and the rewarding charity work all teams were involved in. Once more it becomes obvious, why the Rickshaw Challenge deserves to be on Lonely Planet’s list of the world’s top 10 adventures!

We know that you are dying to read the piece now, and don’t worry we’ve got you covered, even if you are not planning on flying with Etihad anytime soon. Here you can read the full story!



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