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    Introduction to Big Wall Climbing

    Big wall climbing is a form of rock-climbing that takes what can be a relatively easy adventure sport to the extreme level. It involves climbing a giant cliff face or stone wall, that potentially has several pitches. Big wall climbing usually requires plenty of experience, and it can be a challenge even for experienced climbers. However, for […]

  • Extreme Sports
    Urban Alpinists and Rooftoppers Push City Limits

    Are you searching for adventure within the confines of the city limits? More specifically, right atop the world’s most bustling metropolises? Well, there is a new craze among urban explorers and some daredevil novices who are taking their selfie sticks to new heights – all in the name of thrills and Instagram worthy snaps of course! The relatively knew […]

  • Extreme Adventure Records
    The Thrill of Free Climbing and Free Soloing

    People who are rock climbing fanatics are generally the types who love nothing more than testing their physical strength on cliff-faces and mountain-sides, usually with the assistance of safety of ropes, foot-holds, and even a partner to assist if there’s a problem. But free climbers and free soloists take this thrilling adventure sport to a whole new level. If […]