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    A Short History of Deep Diving

    Looking to get into the deepest depths of the ocean or sea, to see what you can uncover deep underwater? This summer don’t just go scuba diving – go deep diving! Find more about this thrilling and technical scuba diving specialty right here. Photo By: NOAA’s National Marine Sanctuary System What is Deep Diving For recreational divers […]

  • Extreme Sports
    The Best Scuba Diving Specialties For You!

    There are so many places to Scuba dive and so many styles of diving that each dive can seem special because you never know what you will discover underwater. But if you’re ready to add a twist to your diving or pick up some new skills then there are plenty of scuba diving specialties to […]

  • Watersport Adventures
    What is Free Diving?

    Water sports lovers who are looking for a new challenge might want to try free diving next. It’s a great adventure sport that doesn’t require much in the way of additional equipment and can be done pretty much anywhere. All you really need is to be able to hold your breath (using the right technique) […]

  • Adventure Travel Destinations
    Adventures You Can Have in the Baltic States

    Europe’s top north-western corner on the Baltic Sea is often forgotten about while many struggle to pin point it on a map. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are countries that can offer much to adventurous travelers with adrenaline pumping activities from driving across a frozen sea to bungee jumping out of a cable car. If you love adventure […]