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    The Best Scuba Diving Specialties For You!

    There are so many places to Scuba dive and so many styles of diving that each dive can seem special because you never know what you will discover underwater. But if you’re ready to add a twist to your diving or pick up some new skills then there are plenty of scuba diving specialties to […]

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    The World’s Best Wreck Dives

    The pleasures of the world’s best wreck dives are many and varied. It could be to challenge yourself in terms of depth, buoyancy and navigation; or to discover what sea-life has made the sunken object home. For other divers, wreck dives are about seeing a snapshot of history, or to discover what objects might be hidden deep on the seabed. Those […]

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    Best Wrecks to Dive in the World

    Image credit: Predrag Vuckovic Shipwrecks are not necessarily the most dangerous diving spots; however they are thrilling destinations due the mystery that carry. Moreover they can be even profitable if you can find a wreck as the Schmitt family did. A month ago, the Schmitts who work for 1715 Fleet Queens Jewels LLC, found a […]