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Adventure Travel in Sub-Saharan Africa
The Best Safaris in Southern Africa

The enchanting land of Africa is a popular continent for adventure travelers looking for a magical experience, and sub-Saharan Africa is a choose-your-own-adventure story just waiting to be told. From experiencing the local way of life, to seeing treasured animals during a safari, and to getting a first-hand chance to soak…

Adventure Travel Destinations
Merry Christmas Festivals Around the World

We’ve already written about the weirdest Christmas traditions, the most adventurous places to spend Christmas and where to find Santa’s home this Christmas, but now it’s time to find out where adventure travellers go to simply have a joyful, peaceful and all-round merry Christmas. Here are our favourite enchanting Christmas festivals around the…

Adventure Travel in Central Asia
Adventure Travel in Siberia

Siberia is that place often stereotyped as faraway, freezing cold, and devoid of much to see or do. But this description couldn’t be further from the truth (except for maybe the faraway part). Sibera is a vast area of land in the eastern part of Russia of more than 13 million…

Adventure Travel Destinations
7 Weird Christmas Traditions

While for most of us Christmas includes eating turkey, leaving some milk and biscuits out for Santa and carrots for the reindeer, and giving gifts; some parts of the world have some really weird Christmas traditions. We actually love these quirky rituals, so while recently we wrote about the most adventurous places to…

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Adventure Travel in North Africa
The Sahara Challenge 2015 Starts Today!

The Sahara Challenge 2015 starts today in Spain’s Toledo with the drivers’ eventual goal of Marrakesh in Morocco. The 10-day route will see participants drive more than 3000 kilometeres in their old-style cars through parts of the Sahara desert, and other spectacular European and North African landscapes. Participants can choose to use…

Adventure Travel in Oceania
Top Tips for Adventure Sports in Queenstown

Queenstown is undoubtedly one of the adventure capitals of the world. So if you’re an adrenaline junkie heading to the south island of New Zealand be prepared for a jam packed holiday. Queenstown is buzzing all year round with adventure seekers coming in the warmer months for hiking, rock climbing and…

Informed Traveler
How to Stay Warm and Dry – Tips for Camping in Autumn

Summer is over, winter is renownedly coming and we are stuck in between with autumn. Winter sport season has not begun yet and Camping season is over, you might think. But we at Adventure Herald completely disagree! If you follow our simple tips for camping in autumn, this will be…

Informed Traveler
How to Get Your Scuba Diving License

Scuba diving is a great sport. You get to see the wonderland that is the underwater coral and animal life; it can be super meditative; it’s a challenging activity that will keep you active; and of course it’s boundless fun. Having a scuba diving certificate opens up a whole new world of…