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Adventure Travel in South Asia
Tamil Nadu Guide for Adventure Travelers

Image credit: Sujith Tamil Nadu, also known as the land of Tamils, is one of the most interesting regions of South India. The South Indian peninsula is a tourist heaven as the region attracts more tourists than any other district of India. Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation promotes tourism in the region…

Adventure Travel Destinations
Jason Lewis: Magellan of the Current Era

Image credit: The Expedition British adventurer Jason Lewis is the first extreme adventurer who circumnavigated the globe relying solely on human power. In other words, Lewis traveled around the world without using a vehicle with an engine and a watercraft with a sail. His achievement has been recognized by the…

Adventure Travel in the Far East
Mongol Derby 2015 Has New Champion

Photo: nick farnhill   The South African Byeronie Epstein has won the Mongol Derby 2015, the world’s longest and toughest horse race, after only 7 days with a lead of 30 seconds. The Mongol Derby, which started on 5 August, is an equestrian endurance race over 1000 km. The race…

Adventure Travel in Central Asia
Why You Should Go to Kyrgyzstan

Have you been to Kyrgyzstan yet? Photographer and video maker Jeremy Ullmann captures the country’s untamed landscape and its welcoming people in his new video “Kyrgyzstan – The Land of Horses and Hills ”. Kyrgyzstan is one of the Central Asian countries with the easiest visa process, since citizens of…

Adventure Travel in North America
Mount McKinley Will Be Renamed to Denali

It is time to review your bucket list of peaks to climb, since a decade old dispute about the name of North America’s highest mountain will be settled soon by the Obama administration and Mount McKinley will be renamed to Denali. Meaning “high,tall”, this was how 6168 m high Mount…